Willem van der Hooft


Willem van der Hooft

Business Development Director

Using ValueChecker means your claims handlers can quickly, objectively and uniformly determine the current value of any product lost or damaged, resulting in increased productivity of your claims department, decreased claims costs and improved customer satisfaction thanks to speed and transparency of the settlement.

Seven reasons for your claims department to use ValueChecker:

  • real-time scraping of product information and prices from all available websites secures uniform and objective determination of the current value;
  • swift identification of the product in question;
  • the potential to offer additional service to the policyholder, by providing the URL of the online shop where the product is available for replacement;
  • reduced search time by providing information on all product categories in one functionality, increasing the productivity of the claims handlers;
  • search functionality embedded in the claims management system for direct access;
  • the possibility for one-call completion – which has a proven impact on customer satisfaction;
  • as products become radically cheaper over time, claims costs are reduced dramatically when using Value Checker as compared to using depreciation formula.

ValueChecker demo

ValueChecker presentation & demo

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