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The Van Ameyde story is not about us, it’s about you, as our client. About who you are. What you do. What you need. About the opportunities you see. About your experiences and what it takes to ensure your continuing success.

It’s a mentality that sets us apart

It’s a mentality that sets us apart from other providers of professional services to the global insurance and risk management market. Why? Because it drives us to go further. Deeper. Because if you’re passionate about securing someone else’s story, you really do have to know them well. Get inside their head. Breathe in their business needs. Understand the little things that matter as much as the big. And then deliver them. Or invent them. Whatever it takes to ensure your success story continues.

A company built on determination, optimism and hope

This can-do attitude has its roots in the embers of World War II. It was 1945, and Henry van Ameyde set up as a motor claims adjuster to the Dutch army. He understood the need to rebuild the Dutch army and aid the country’s post-war reconstruction. To help secure the next chapter of the story.

Soon, that urge to dig deeper and learn saw us start working with commercial insurers on
improving their claims processes. Result: Van Ameyde became the number one claims adjuster. That same mentality also led us become the first Dutch service provider to open an office outside the Netherlands. And, in 1953, we helped ensure the success of the new international Green Card vehicle insurance system.

In fact, the longer we went on and the more stories we heard, the more we learned about different markets and clients and the more opportunities we saw to help new ones.

Unseen yet at the heart of customer experience

Fast forward to now. To a portfolio of over 1,000 corporate clients in the global insurance and risk management market. To 750,000 claims and incidents handled each year. To 35+ affiliated companies and 46 offices in 28 countries. Fast forward to comprehensive solutions, advanced systems and a worldwide network of skilled specialists who accelerate decision-making, improve customer service and benefit our clients’ bottom lines, all while working in the background. Unseen, yet at the heart of your daily operations and customer experience.


Unseen yet at the heart of
clients, daily operations and
customer experience

From first notification of loss to settlement, fulfilment and loss recovery, Van Ameyde provides end-to-end claims solutions.




Digital transformation
securing your success

Secure your digital transformation with our software-as-a-solution (SaaS) offering for property & casualty insurance.




Skilled specialists
wherever and whenever
you need us

A network of highly experienced loss adjusters, surveyors and claims managers, Van Ameyde Specialists secure the interests of virtually every industry.



Whatever it takes to secure your story

From the outset, our strength has lain in our ability to adapt to each client story and treat it as our own. Today, we’re supported in this by being part of RWTÜV, a German holding company for technology service providers. RWTÜV aims for long-term involvement and puts sustainable and positive development ahead of short-term profit. With the backing of RWTÜV, we are accelerating the rollout of our proven service brand formula and adding new solutions and subsidiaries to meet the developing requirements of our clients. Continuing to do whatever it takes to secure your story.


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