Van Ameyde’s product identification platform for accelerated and transparent handling of home contents claims.

One of the main challenges of quickly handling home contents claims is: where do you find the best price? Or a suitable substitute, if a damaged or lost item is no longer on the market? With product identification platform ValueChecker your claims handlers can quickly, objectively and uniformly determine the current value of any product lost or damaged. The platform:

  • reduces search times thanks to real-time scraping of products and prices on all available, reputable  websites
  • quickly identifies the product or the like-kind-and-quality replacement based on product specifications
  • enables one-call-completion and fulfillment

As with all our systems, integration is made easy thanks to the use of APIs, while the data gathered in the process enable reliable analysis.

Increase productivity, reduce costs and improve customer experience

Products, and particularly electronics, become cheaper over time. ValueChecker presents your claims handlers with the best price for the replacement. And no more searching on multiple comparison sites. This hugely improves the productivity of your claims department while ensuring that everyone handles claims uniformly. And the customer? Satisfaction is guaranteed, thanks to the transparency of how compensation is calculated, the speed of settlement and the possibility of fulfillment.

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