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About us

Meet our people

Van Ameyde is a team of extraordinarily talented people who are passionate about securing your story. Combining outstanding technical expertise with the necessary social smarts, they provide our clients with the extra confidence and reliability they need to secure their success in today’s marketplace. 

A strong culture anchored in a clear set of values makes Van Ameyde an inspiring place to work. Together, and as individuals, we are innovative, human and result driven. Three values that for our business compass and give a sense of direction to everything we do.

Check out some of the stories of our 1500+ global employees.

Michiel Kroeskamp

Ibrahim Winkler

Head of Operations

"Respect is not a privilege, it's the right way to treat people"

Monika Jung

Claims Handler

"At our office every single claim, client and claimant takes centre stage"

Paul Lavelle

Head of Technical Claims

"We are, at our core, a people business"

Nelli Evenian

Consultant Claims

"Being a team is about respecting, trusting and caring for each other"

Zeynep Bulut

Sales Manager

"Be curious, get inspirerd, share your thoughts"

Daan de Boer

Marine Surveyor

"Never stop asking questions"

Vicky Janssens

Field Manager

"A perfect match between client and consultant always works wonders"

Margchilina Buijs

Claims Handler

"Do as you say, say what you think, and results will follow"