Its time to accelerate transition to the future

Talking about sustainability is easy. Taking action is difficult. We at Van Ameyde want to actually make a difference.

Our goal: To create value while taking responsibility for our social and ecological impact

Today, sustainability is integrated into all Van Ameyde’s processes. Our sustainability policy is designed around four core pillars based on which we set our targets and measure our improvements in the area of environment, social conditions and corporate governance

Pillar 1

Reduce the environmental footprint of our global operations

Minimizing the negative impact on the natural environment through conscious consumption, and a climate-neutral business.

Pillar 2

Ensure social good and holistic development

Focusing on equal opportunities, inclusion, diversity in teams, and participation with social organizations.

Pillar 3

Responsible business and governance practices

Incorporating sustainability through equality, ethical business, and compliance with laws.

Pillar 4

Driving high standards for sustainable procurement

We set our focus on suppliers that uphold the values of ethics, human rights, and sustainability.

Our efforts are showing

We have chosen to engage Ecovadis, a recognized auditor in the field of sustainability, to evaluate our policies, processes, and results within the four pillars. We are glad to share that Van Ameyde subsidiaries received 3 gold medals (top 5% score) and 1 silver medal (top 25% score) for sustainability performance.

Van Ameyde- Denmark

Gold medal for sustainability performance by Ecovadis

Jun, 2021

Van Ameyde- Sweden

Silver medal for sustainability performance by Ecovadis

Sep, 2022

Van Ameyde- Norway

Gold medal for sustainability performance by Ecovadis

Sep, 2022

Van Ameyde- Spain

Gold medal for sustainability performance by Ecovadis

Nov, 2022

Van Ameyde- Belgium

Silver medal for sustainability performance by Ecovadis

Apr, 2023

What we see

Continuous improvement

We are proud of our results so far, but neither we nor the world community are yet on target. We continue to work on improving and futher developing our routines and measures while we focus on including our sustainability principles in core business.

Contributing to the global sustainability efforts together

UN Global compact

We call upon business leaders to raise their SDG ambition and fully integrate the Ten principles and 17 SDG’s, via the SDG Ambition Benchmarks, into their corporate strategies and day-to-day management.

SDG Ambition Accelerator Program

We have enrolled in the SDG Ambition Accelerator program for one year through which we will set even more ambitious goals going forward.

What is happening at Van Ameyde


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