Risk assessment and loss prevention

From structural condition and marine warranty to JH143 surveys of shipyards and newbuilding projects.

Effective loss prevention starts with excellent risk assessment. Particularly in the case of shipyards and newbuilding projects. Huge losses triggered the Joint Hull Committee, representing Lloyd’s and marine underwriters, to create Shipyard Risk Assessment Form JH 143. JH 143 is now the standard for the evaluation of risks and exposures posed by shipyards and newbuilding projects. 

Similarly, environment and life face comparable risks from a wide range of activities involving an even wider range of vessels and floating objects. These include dredging, towing, offshore energy and the transport of large structures. Working for the marine industry, and underwriters, brokers, P&I Clubs, owners and shipyards in particular, our elite surveyors conduct:

  • JH 143 surveys (by Halyard Risk, part of Van Ameyde Specialists);
  • Structural condition surveys, including JH 115 surveys;
  • Marine warranty surveys.

Reduce risks, improve performance

Van Ameyde Specialists work around the world to reduce risks for the marine industry. In addition to condition and warranty surveys, our surveyors conduct pre-purchase and pre-loading surveys. Furthermore to prevent damage to cargo, our activities include inspections of cargo tanks and holds, ultrasonic testing of hatch cover panels and consulting on stowage. Result: lower client risks and improved client performance. Every time, everywhere.

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