Securing grust’s ‘advies verzekerd’ story


With 9 offices across Belgium, grust consists of a growing group of innovative insurance brokers.

Protect, save and finance.

grust keeps their customers’ financial situation healthy and their risks covered with honest and personal advice so that they can experience every day to the fullest.

grust was looking for a partner that would take care of claims management. Claims management is the moment when a broker can distinguish itself and bind customers with advice, tips for prevention. Many call it “the moment of truth” since it also discerns the efficient settlement of the claim.

By outsourcing claims management to Van Ameyde, grust does not have to invest in a claims management infrastructure. Above all, grust has access to an experienced team of claim handlers with diverse skills and expertise that is able to keep up grust’s commitment to its customers, even at times of high claim inflow due to a storm or other ad hoc event.

Van Ameyde has been able to make grust’s culture its own and uses the same tone-of-voice that grust’s customers like so much. This was an important selection criterion for choosing an outsourcing partner. They wanted a partner that is able to convey the same values to grust’s customers such as personal approach, energetic and in a way that everyone understands. This serves only one goal: to make the customer feel at ease, or, in Flemish: “gruststellen”.

This allows grust to focus on its core business which is to help its customers remain financially healthy so that they, and their families, can be at ease (“grust”) for the rest of their lives.

This is grust's story. Whats yours?
“A single employee in the office is not able to match Van Ameyde’s extensive knowledge across insurance branches and the efficient and proactive way of managing claims. Van Ameyde has proven that we are able to confidently direct our customers to their claim handlers for an efficient and customer focused settlement of the claim”
Jonas gruststeller

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