Securing Lemonade’s ‘instant everything’ story


Lemonade, the insurance market’s most talked about disruptor, is powered by artificial intelligence and driven by social good. When the company officially unveiled its insurance to the European market, Van Ameyde immediately came into the picture.


Honesty baked into the claims process

Lemonade’s ‘instant everything’ story is refreshingly different. Replacing brokers and bureaucracy with bots and machine learning makes insurance becomes transparent and hassle free. And on top of that, Lemonade gives any unclaimed money to social causes. This unique blend of technology and social innovation  is already a giant success in the US and in 2019, Lemonade officially entered the European market.

Their goal is to turn buying insurance from a “necessary evil” into a “social good.” And to turn the process of filling claims into a shared interest between insured and insurer.
For its European debut, Lemonade partnered with Van Ameyde for its launch in Germany and The Netherlands. Our footprint, technical expertise and social skills were exactly what Lemonade needed to replicate their formula to the European market. Claims that require special attention are dealt with by our dedicated team of claim handlers and loss adjusting services, and Lemonade uses our ValueChecker product valuation platform to further enhance its fluid and honest claims process.
What makes Lemonade so disruptive? According to co-founder Daniel Schreiber, it is because Lemonade has been built from the ground up around the concept of AI and behavioural economics. Our values and competences align perfectly with Lemonade’s business model, mission and European expansion. Doing what it takes to secure their refreshing story.

This is Lemonade’s story. What’s yours?

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