Securing Omocom’s ‘circular economy’ story


Swedish micro insurer Omocom aims to underpin the transition to the circular economy by providing quick and easy micro insurance for all kinds of sharing and rental-based platforms and businesses.


Securing all our futures

Omocom is a Stockholm-based insurance company that offers micro insurance solutions for the emerging sharing economy. The idea for Omocom was born while the founders were working as experts in digital commerce. They interviewed Sweden’s major insurance companies about how they planned to cover the large sums that are currently uninsured within the sharing economy. Learning that the insurance companies were struggling to transform their traditional models, they decided to rethink insurance for the sharing age.

Today, Omocom is there on the platforms that enable people to rent cars, tools, homes, boats, storage and more. Things, spaces, vehicles, as they put it. But offering flexible insurance solutions easily is only one part of the equation. The other element in helping more people to enjoy sharing stuff – Omocom’s vision – is to ensure client satisfaction when things go wrong. To secure this, Omocom has partnered with Van Ameyde to provide skilled claims handlers. Because Omocom knows that whether it involves handling a complex claim or simply guaranteeing it has enough claims handlers to handle the work, Van Ameyde delivers.

As a company and as a concept, we want Omocom to be successful. We’ve got their backs so they in turn can focus on enabling secure sharing for everyone and so encourage more people into the sharing economy.

This is Omocom’s story. What’s yours?
“The sharing economy requires trust to work. Working with Van Ameyde, we can offer the security people need to feel before they take that leap.”
Ola Lowden Omocom

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