Securing Darag’s ‘the origin of value’ story


Darag is a leading legacy specialist in Europe and a pioneer in delivering finality solutions both alone and through close collaboration with preferred partners. Van Ameyde is proud to work with Darag in offering effective and pro-active run-off claims management.

Pro-active run-off claims management 

Darag is a leading international insurance and reinsurance group specialising in the assumption of discontinued business and the provision of capital relief solutions. The Group has so far completed 33 run-off transactions in 18 countries with a value in excess of €1.1bn. Darag is all about value, track record and regulatory compliance. That is why Darag places the highest possible demands on all of its partners. We are proud to have been Darag’s preferred partner for a long time in offering run-off claims management.

Darag’s story is driven by capital and people, a multilingual, multicultural team who delivers global results locally. As Darag continues to grow, they have recognised the importance of being able to provide scalability for their business and to be able to serve all their markets locally. This is where Van Ameyde comes in. Van Ameyde delivers  a complete end-to-end service to manage claims, release reserves and manage books to close. With our scale and global operation, we are the perfect partner for Darag.

DARAG is committed to providing it’s claimants with the highest level of service.  They strongly believe a superior claims service and speedy handling of our claims is key to ensuring their policyholders are treated fairly and properly. Over the past few years Van Ameyde has proven many times that it is able to realise this ambition.

This is Darag’s story. What’s yours?
“Van Ameyde is knowledgeable and experienced in their field, which ensured a good working relationship through the life of the project.”

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