Interim staffing solutions

Relieve claims staff shortages in your claims department by calling on our pool of experienced claims handlers

Insurance exists to fulfil promises at moments that are crucial to your policyholders. Faced with damage, policyholders need their claims to be handled swiftly. Peak periods, holidays or illness put pressure on your claims department. Faced with staff capacity shortages, how do you make sure you live up to your story?

Clearly, you need a reliable source of temporary staff. Experts who will swiftly bring your claims department back up to standard. A second line of claims handlers:

  • people experienced in all non-life business lines, including personal injury and commercial lines,
  • experts who can easily adapt to different cultures and working methods
  • professionals who know how to work with the most-used insurance systems, so cutting training time significantly

Interim staffing for claims departments

Van Ameyde Interim Professionals are the highly skilled and flexible temporary team members you need in a crisis. We have the capacity and the skills to immediately resolve your staff shortages and meet your policyholders’ expectations.

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