Freedom of Services representation

Expand your insurance initiatives to new countries at minimal entry costs under the EU’s Freedom of Services provisions 

More and more insurance providers are exploring how best to expand into new territories. Why? Because under the EU’s Freedom of Services provisions, you no longer need to establish your own entities in each one. You do, however, need a so-called fronting office to distribute insurance policies, handle claims, pay insurance tax and manage other obligations. The easiest way for you to do this, is to let us do this. To meet this growing need, we can offer you access to our international network and IT platform so you too can write insurance business under the EU passporting regime.

Making our infrastructure yours is the quick, transparent and easy way to expand into new countries:

  • At marginal costs
  • Fast

Make our infrastructure part of yours

Using our infrastructure, you benefit from plug & play IT platforms and the full scope of claims handling, including recovery.

We secure compliance with domestic and European legislation, including GDPR, so ensuring your customers’ privacy and interests are in safe hands, wherever they are.

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