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Improving efficiency and customer engagement in claims processes

Michael Akerboom


Michael Akerboom

Business Development Manager
Zero70 IT Services
Van Ameyde

Van Ameyde’s in-house IT services company (Zero)70 develops functionality geared to improving the efficiency of claims processes and increasing customer engagement using the latest technology. Thanks to (Zero)70, Van Ameyde is the benchmark when it comes to process control, IT security and data protection. (Zero)70 is the only IT provider in the claims management sector that can boast ISO certification for its IT security management system.

All IT systems and functionality can be fully customised to your needs and your corporate identity. For a taste of the variety of functionality on offer, do have a look at:

objective and cost-efficient claims settlement

Using ValueChecker means your claims handlers can quickly, objectively and uniformly determine the current value of any product lost or damaged, resulting in increased productivity of your claims department, decreased claims costs and improved customer satisfaction thanks to speed and transparency of the settlement.

Seven reasons for your claims department to use ValueChecker:

  • real-time scraping of product information and prices from all available websites secures uniform and objective determination of the current value;
  • swift identification of the product in question;
  • the potential to offer additional service to the policyholder, by providing the URL of the online shop where the product is available for replacement;
  • reduced search time by providing information on all product categories in one functionality, increasing the productivity of the claims handlers;
  • search functionality embedded in the claims management system for direct access;
  • the possibility for one-call completion – which has a proven impact on customer satisfaction;
  • as products become radically cheaper over time, claims costs are reduced dramatically when using Value Checker as compared to using depreciation formula.
planning, route optimisation and online reporting for property loss adjusting

CheckMate significantly improves the efficiency of allocating field adjusters, thus saving costs, while dramatically enhancing customer experience thanks to ease-of-use and continuous updates. How does CheckMate work? The video below explains all!

The functionality’s benefits include:

  • automation of the administrative processes that do not contribute to the customer experience (improving productivity)
  • automatically optimising the routes for the claims adjusters (increased efficiency)
  • push communication to policyholders, with real-time, personalised appointment updates up to 30 minutes prior to the
  • appointment – also allowing for communication on possible delays
  • meeting customer expectations in line with the on-demand, online world we live in
    • being able to schedule such appointments online, outside office hours (not having to make phone calls during office hours)
    • being able to determine dates and time slots that suit them
    • not having to stay at home for hours, waiting for the claims adjuster to show up
  • online reporting using pre-defined templates depending on the complexity of the claim (the right format for the right type of claim)
Incident Management System
first notification of loss, triage and (uninsured) loss recovery

From first notification of losses throughout Europe and triage to uninsured loss recovery: IMS offers you 360 degrees insight in all loss-related processes and information flows on one uniform platform, while demonstrably reducing costs thanks to efficiency gains and fraud prevention. IMS offers:

  • a customised, international first notification of loss platform – accessible through portals
  • triage
  • o validation of policy cover
  • o routing the incident to claims handlers and suppliers, for claims management and repair
  • o recovery of loss from liable third parties – triggered upon receipt of the first notification
  • fraud screening
  • full integration with the client’s systems (such as policy administration or fleet/risk management platforms)
  • real-time, online management information providing complete insight in all processes and information flows
  • data analytics improving risk analysis and risk management decision-making


ValueChecker presentation: when to use it, why to use it, how to use it...

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