Revisio: auditing & consultancy

Insight and overview

Revisio is the dedicated audit team of Van Ameyde, the European market leader in the areas of claims management, claims-related IT development and risk management solutions. Revisio conducts audits of claims handling, underwriting, MGAs and outsourced processes or services. Working for hundreds of multinational customers, we are well-placed to assess, benchmark and improve (claims) processes. Our customers include (re)insurers, captives, brokers, MGAs, fleet managers and risk managers.

Why would you have an audit conducted? An independent audit supports accreditation requirements and compliance, but also the improvement of the quality of processes and financial accountability. In addition, you will gain insight in the extent to which contractual agreements with your suppliers or MGAs are met.

Our auditing en consultancy activities include

  • audits of open and closed claim files, as well as (parts of) portfolios and claims processes
  • second opinion on complex files
  • assessment and monitoring of compliance with guidelines and riks management measures
  • other operational and procedural audits and consultance
  • identification of potential improvements and development potential

When assessing liability claims, including professional indemnity, bodily injury and occupational disease, as well as liability in construction and infrastructure, we closely cooperate with our colleagues of the Special Lines unit of Van Ameyde Benelux.



Audits and consultancy: insight and overview

Risk assessment and valuation of assets

Risk assessment and valuation of assets: facilitating decision making and compliance

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