Reducing claim cycle times
Customer satisfaction and efficiency: key ingredients for success
Reducing claims cycle times is one thing, but achieving this without impairing quality, control and compliance is quite another. In addition, to really improve customer experience, the efficiency gains should be put to good use. Superb, flexible IT support and the commitment of dedicated, well-trained staff are key. 

Technology-driven efficiency...
Research has shown that the settlement factor has the highest influence on overall claims satisfaction. Speeding up the claims process also benefits the insurer: less time spent on a file means lower costs and improved productivity. Upon notification Van Ameyde’s IT system ECHO identifies claims eligible for fast-track settlement based on the amount claimed, complexity and liability aspects. In addition, our sophisticated fraud engine identifies likely fraud. As a result, some 80-90% of the claims no longer require the involvement of claims adjusters and can be settled instantly.

More complex claims that take longer require excellent communication. Rather than awaiting the claimant’s call, Van Ameyde pushes status updates to the claimant using various media. ECHO is activity driven, meaning that our claims handlers never miss an action or a deadline.

Van Ameyde continuously develops its agile, in-house IT-system ECHO to further improve efficiency and prevent fraud. ECHO provides our clients with a single integrated IT platform for all types of property and casualty claims as well as the related finance processes. Flawless customised reporting ensures full control of all these processes.

Van Ameyde offers claims intake management which triggers the full scope of claims management services. The integration of all supplier chains includes the possibility of straight-through processing – e.g. for high volume low severity property claims.

Dedication to customer experience
Increased productivity means that our staff can dedicate time to the claimant, your customer. Training is not only geared to improving professional skills, but also to empathising with the customer and exceeding the customer’s expectations. Even if a claim is not covered, there are ways to help the customer by offering advice and solutions. Our staff are actively encouraged to introduce schemes to further customer experience, which are implemented by insurers in their marketing campaigns. After all, through their daily contacts, our claims handlers know your customers’ needs best!

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