Van Ameyde sponsors
Aon’s trial with
self-driving cars

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News & Blog News Van Ameyde sponsors Aon’s trial with self-driving cars

Van Ameyde sponsors Aon’s trial with self-driving cars

Read time: 3 minutes

On 13 June 2018 insurance brokers Aon organise the ‘SMRT convoy’ of six semi-autonomous cars. The convoy travels from Groningen in the far north of the Netherlands via Helmond in the far south to Rotterdam. Van Ameyde, a full-service provider in the areas of claims and fleet management, sponsors the convoy for the first time this year.

The SMRT Convoy is part of a series of platooning trials in the Netherlands to improve traffic circulation – i.e. reduction of congestion – and road safety. The aim is to stimulate employers’ mobility policymakers to opt for cars fitted with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). ADAS includes adaptive cruise control, lane assist, brake assist and blind-spot detection.

Earlier platooning trials with self-driving trucks and research have shown additional benefits of driving in so-called platoons, as it reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Other traffic participants are warned by means of the Flitsmeister and Waze apps, as well as ANWB traffic information.

Van Ameyde and fleet management

Thanks to its strategic cooperation with Dragintra Fleet Services, Van Ameyde has been able to expand its motor-fleet related services. Its existing services cover online notification of loss, claims management and uninsured loss recovery. Through Dragintra the full service offering includes operational fleet management and strategic advice on improving road safety, mobility questions and CO2 reduction. Customers include companies and government agencies operating owned or leased motor fleets, car hire and lease companies.

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