UK to remain in Green Card
‘free circulation zone’

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News & Blog News UK to remain within Green Card free circulation zone

UK expected to remain in Green Card free circulation zone after Brexit

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Drivers and haulage operators will be pleased to learn that the UK is expected to remain in the Green Card free circulation zone. Motorists driving into, and out of, the UK after Brexit will not need to apply for and carry formal ‘green card’ documents.

It has been reported by the Association of British Insurers (ABI), the main UK insurance trade body, that the UK Government had written to it to confirm that their intention is remain within the ‘free circulation zone’ which will be endorsed by the European Commission.

The UK Bureau has already made the agreement with the CoBX (Council of Bureaux) having ratified its ability to meet any cross-border claims involving UK motorists.

The ABI highlighted that the ‘green card’ system is administered with documents that must be carried by motorists unless the countries of travel participate in the ‘free circulation zone’ and regressing would be heavily bureaucratic and costly.

“This is good news for drivers and haulage operators who no longer face the prospect of doing reams of paperwork and paying admin charges every time they get on a ferry to Europe. It’s always encouraging to see common sense prevail and I look forward to the Commission concluding the formalities as soon as possible” commented ABI director general Huw Evans on

Paul Lavelle

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