Dragintra helps expand fleet management services

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News & Blog News Dragintra helps expand fleet management services

Dragintra helps expand fleet management services

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In January 2018 Dragintra Fleet Services and Van Ameyde started a strategic partnership. To this end, Van Ameyde has taken a share in Dragintra, which will remain an independent entity, maintaining its own brand and identity.

Dragintra’s customers increasingly have the need for a uniform solution with one central platform throughout the region. To ensure that drivers (customers’ employees using company cars) can call for assistance and communicate in their own language, local helpdesks are needed. Expansion of the fleet management services throughout Europe, using Van Ameyde’s network of offices, will help Dragintra meet these needs.


Already offering claims management services to fleet owners, Van Ameyde in turn wished to expand its service offering to this market.

European fleet management, local driver support

Bart de Hoog, general manager of Dragintra, says, “In Van Ameyde we have found a partner that truly understands our business and supports further investments in our fleet management system FleetPack. We are now one of the few independent fleet managers operating throughout Europe.”

Piet Middelkoop, CEO of Van Ameyde, adds, “Both Van Ameyde and Dragintra can now offer full service in the area of fleet management to its customers. Centralising fleet and claims management on a single European platform means full insight in all costs of motor fleets, including insured and uninsured losses.”

Dragintra now offers its customers one-shop-shop services using a single platform throughout Europe, while their drivers enjoy professional local support.

About Dragintra Fleet Services

Dragintra Fleet Services supports customers with owned or leased fleets with operational fleet management and consultancy. Fleet owners can outsource all their fleet management activities, or parts thereof, to Dragintra’s expert fleet managers. Dragintra has also developed its unique FleetPack software and connected drivers’ app. Dragintra has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK and Germany. This network will be expanded to the 28 countries in which Van Ameyde has offices. At present, Dragintra manages some 37,500 motor vehicles on behalf of its customers.

About Van Ameyde

Van Ameyde is the European claims management market leader. Van Ameyde’s claims managers handle over hundreds of thousands of insurance claims on behalf of private individuals and companies. In addition, Van Ameyde develops agile IT functionality to enhance the efficiency of its customers’ claims processes. Insurance providers and corporate risk managers benefit from Van Ameyde’s customised solutions. (Zero)70, Van Ameyde’s in-house IT organisation, is ISO 27001:2013 certified for its Information Management System.

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