Mobile solutions supporting remote loss adjusting

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Mobile solutions supporting remote loss adjusting

Gwenny Nales

Corporate Communications Manager at Van Ameyde

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Having discussed the options for low-complexity, high volume claims and the possibilities that digital offers to reduce claims costs dramatically, while improving customer satisfaction, we will now consider claims that require loss adjusting expertise. The main options are remote loss adjusting – powered by mobile technology, and field inspection by a loss adjuster.

First of all, there’s the strategic issue: at what point do you send a field adjuster to inspect the Floss? Many insurers consider the visit from the loss adjuster an important touchpoint. However, with ever more sophisticated remote loss adjusting technologies enabling customer engagement for tech-savvy customers on the rise, the process can evolve two ways, depending on your strategic choices and your customers’ preferences. Such preferences should be included in the all-important customer profile to enhance customer-centricity in all the services and products offered.


Infographic by Marieke Buurman, Van Ameyde Waarderingen

The first is the option of remote loss adjusting, but the viability strongly depends on your customers’ willingness to engage digitally. This means that you need to know your customer: the customers’ preferences should be part of the profiling process, so that in case of a claim you can fully meet your customer’s expectations. Remote loss adjusting means that the desktop claims handler connects with the customer’s smartphone or tablet. Through the customer’s smartphone or tablet live images can be exchanged and detailed diagrams of the damaged property are created, without the need for an inspection at the loss site. Based on current pricing information from the linked databases, the extent of the loss is immediately calculated, facilitating one-call completion. The policyholder can opt between immediate repair through the insurer’s preferred supplier network, or financial settlement.

The benefits from the customer’s point of view are clear: no need to take time off for the appointment with a field adjuster and hands-on engagement as the policyholder is actively involved in scanning the room and imaging the damage. Thanks to the mobile’s gps functionality the risk of fraud can be reduced: after all, the claim location is verified by the gps functionality. Suffice to say that, thanks to automated fraud indicators, this method will only be applied if the notified claim is not flagged in the claims management system.

Remote loss adjusting vs field inspections

In spite of the benefits of remote loss adjusting, many insurers and policyholders still prefer a visit by the loss adjuster. A customer-friendly loss adjuster strengthens the ties with the policyholder. In our next contribution we will compare the process of notifying the claim and making the appointment with a loss adjuster with the online shopping customer journey…

Infographic by Marieke Buurman, Van Ameyde Waarderingen

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