Michael Akerboom


Michael Akerboom

Business Development Manager

CheckMate significantly improves the efficiency of allocating field adjusters, thus saving costs, while dramatically enhancing customer experience thanks to ease-of-use and continuous updates. How does CheckMate work? The video below explains all!

The functionality’s benefits include:

  • automation of the administrative processes that do not contribute to the customer experience (improving productivity)
  • automatically optimising the routes for the claims adjusters (increased efficiency)
  • push communication to policyholders, with real-time, personalised appointment updates up to 30 minutes prior to the appointment – also allowing for communication on possible delays
  • meeting customer expectations in line with the on-demand, online world we live in
    • being able to schedule such appointments online, outside office hours (not having to make phone calls during office hours)
    • being able to determine dates and time slots that suit them
    • not having to stay at home for hours, waiting for the claims adjuster to show up
  • online reporting using pre-defined templates depending on the complexity of the claim (the right format for the right type of claim)

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