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Securing ERGO’s ‘Insure it easily’ story


ERGO, one of Europe’s biggest insurance groups, aims to make insurance as simple, fast and convenient as possible. Today, ERGO is setting records by reducing new-product configuration cycles to less than a week – thanks to Van Ameyde’s powerful Insurance Suite.


Speed to market is an innovative platform and brand launched by ERGO in 2018. Through, ERGO can bring new and innovative products to the German insurance market. Think cybercrime insurance, e-gamer insurance, wedding insurance, internet-surfing insurance and more. Using our core insurance suite, ERGO can have an idea and configure the product offering in less than a week, not the months this would normally take.

Speed to market is the absolute number one priority for as it fights to be the nimblest insurer in an increasingly analytics-driven marketplace. The concept is to launch new and enhanced products fast to quickly build market share in its target customer segments.
Using Van Ameyde’s Insurance Suite enables to bring products to market without first requiring a lengthy IT project. Our API-led, connectivity enabled platform empowers to experiment with selling their insurance policies through different distribution channels, from its own portals to third-party websites. We also enable to connect quickly to third-party services, such as a company that offers localised services for payments via credit card, Paypal and other payment service providers.

This is ERGO’s story. What’s yours?

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