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At Van Ameyde we share a passion: improving our customers’ claims and risk performance, while helping out those whose have suffered a loss. Our customers are insurance companies, brokers, fleet managers, corporate risk managers and captives. Van Ameyde provides innovative claims and risk management solutions for all non-life business lines. In addition, Van Ameyde develops agile IT functionality to further improve efficiency as well as prevent fraud.

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This is what
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We are committed to our customers as well as people or companies incurring damage.

Innovative problem solving

We go the extra mile to provide solutions, to our customers in terms of cost reduction, compliance and customer satisfaction, and to people or businesses suffering a loss in terms of professional, independent, loss adjusting and quick settlement of claims.


Thanks to our IT system’s service-oriented architecture we are able to rapidly respond to changing market requirements. Innovative solutions improve customer engagement and customer experience, while demonstrably reducing costs thanks to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Company history

The story of our company goes back to 1945 when, at the end of the Second World War, Mr H.A. van Ameyde was responsible for handling damage to Army vehicles. Initially, this resulted in a company specialised in vehicle damage assessment. Subsequently, the company extended its claims adjusting activities to property, personal injury and liability claims, as well as marine surveying.

Van Ameyde was the first to open offices outside the Netherlands when the Green Card (international motor insurance certificate) system was introduced in 1953, requiring insurance providers to appoint claims handling representatives throughout the region.

This is how Van Ameyde became Europe’s market leader in international claims management and we have been at the forefront of implementing new domestic and international regulations on behalf of the insurance sector ever since.

Van Ameyde’s more recent successes are largely attributable to Van Ameyde’s strategy which resulted in the creation of its in-house IT company (Zero)70 and the development of our unrivalled IT-system ECHO. This was the start of a revolution in IT-driven claims and risk-related services, opening up whole new markets and opportunities.

This is where our recent history ends and where the present and future start…

Our story - Van Ameyde
Our story - Van Ameyde
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