Risk assessment and valuations: 360˚insight in risk
The question of transferring or retaining risk is just one of many faced by the risk manager. However, with the UK's Insurance Act 2015 coming into force on 12 August 2016, another question may arise: are you truly compliant? The duty of ‘fair presentation of the risk’ aligns the Insurance Act with legislation in other European countries and MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). Do you have full insight in the risks related to all your entities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe to comply with this duty?

Irrespective of your organisation’s risk appetite, a comprehensive risk assessment lies at the heart of all decision making. Embracing applicable legislation, risk frameworks and governance requirements, a risk assessment also helps you prepare for any compliance issues.

Revisio: comprehensive risk assessment
Revisio, Van Ameyde’s dedicated risk assessment and auditing team, provides comprehensive assistance to corporate risk managers, ranging from conducting risk assessments at entities throughout Europe to fraud and security audits. What sets our auditors apart is their vast knowledge of insurance claims handling, risks and processes, acquired by working for hundreds of clients throughout Europe.

In close consultation with the client, our audit team determines the scope and core objectives of the risk assessment based on applicable legislation, risk frameworks and contract-specific issues, including insurance policy conditions and claims handling. Risk assessments comprise aspects ranging from the company, any multi office locations and its supply chain to business continuity, security, IT systems and compliance.

Using our online audit tool, the client has real-time access to all progress reporting. Based on preliminary results of separate phases, the client may decide to change the focus of the assessment. Providing independent statements and recommendations on all relevant aspects, Revisio’s reports facilitate compliance with applicable regulations and legislation.

The value of fixed assets
One of the major aspects of risk concerns the value of fixed assets. The valuation of assets depends on the purpose for which the assets are valued, such as IFRS and GAAP reporting, takeovers, or indeed, insurance purposes. Van Ameyde values fixed assets for all purposes and for companies of all sizes, including SMEs, industrial plants and even entire ports.
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