Risk management services: are you in control?
Insured losses, uninsured and possibly recoverable losses, multiple insurance companies, contractors and suppliers, perhaps in various countries… How do you align all these processes and information flows? And, perhaps even more importantly, how do you obtain the information you need to make well-founded decisions to strengthen your risk management strategy? The key to successful risk management is being in control.

Complex losses can have far-reaching consequences for the continuity of a company, but if not handled to the fullest extent, it is those hundreds of small incidents that may prove a massive cost item. There is a flexible solution. Whether your losses mainly originate from large incidents, or concern high-frequency incidents, e.g. motor or property losses, there is one easy-to-use First Notification of Loss portal that facilitates the correct processing of all losses, irrespective of their nature and location.

Van Ameyde’s online Incident Management System (IMS) facilitates first notification of loss from any location and directs the loss to the parties involved. Our claims handlers expertly recover uninsured losses involving liable parties throughout Europe and beyond, in accordance with applicable national and international rules and regulations. All third party status reports as well as Van Ameyde’s own loss adjusting and recovery processes run through IMS, resulting in comprehensive, fully customised and consistent Risk Management reports, available on our highly-secured Extranet.

At Van Ameyde, Risk Managers’ needs take centre stage: our risk management services result in cost reduction and complete process control. Being Europe’s leading TPA for high-frequency losses, Van Ameyde offers fully customised risk management and IT solutions to corporate risk managers, large fleet operators and insurance providers including captives. Using the latest technology, Van Ameyde deals with the entire process, from first notification of loss to settlement and (uninsured) loss recovery, covering all non-life business lines. In addition, our in-house IT company develops IT solutions to help our clients improve their performance in terms of cost reduction, control and compliance throughout Europe.

The benefits of our comprehensive Risk Management solutions include:
  • significant cost reduction thanks to our high success rate of uninsured loss recovery, international fraud prevention and efficiency gains;
  • infrastructure covering the UK with multiple offices, as well as the rest of Europe, providing local knowledge and support;
  • fully customised Incident Management System (IMS) for first notification of loss, triage, uninsured loss recovery and loss management;
  • real-time, online management information providing complete insight in all processes and information flows;
  • data analytics improving risk analysis, risk transfer decision-making and overall risk management strategy.
Risk Managers can opt for Van Ameyde’s fully integrated risk management services, or implementation of Van Ameyde’s IT products as a stand-alone solution.

Free-of-charge benchmarking
Why not follow the lead of Europe’s major risk and fleet managers, insurance companies and captives, and see how you could benefit from optimised risk management solutions? Our benchmarking tools compare your operations and performance to Van Ameyde’s best practice. Benchmarking clearly identifies the possibilities to optimise your processes in terms of service levels, control, compliance and costs.

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