CheckMate: online planning and reporting
The loss has been notified. From your policyholder’s perspective, what follows is the hassle of arranging an appointment with the loss adjuster, taking unnecessary time off, waiting for the loss adjuster who is delayed… Planners are looking for the most efficient routes for their claims adjusters, which results in appointments that do not always coincide with the policyholder’s wishes. Can automation result in both greater efficiency and improved customer experience? Remote or desk-top adjusting is becoming ever more sophisticated, but there will always be a need for inspections of claim scenes by loss adjusters. The costs of such inspections should, however, be in balance with the nature of the claim. Van Ameyde’s solution is to automate all the steps in the process that need not be carried out manually, while in fact improving customer experience.

How does CheckMate work?
The video below explains all! Do you prefer to read? In our publications you can read the full article.

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